Proteomics – The Pathway to Understanding and Decision-making in Medicine

Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (LPBI) Group

Larry H Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Author and Curator – The Pathway to Understanding and Decision-making in Medicine

This dialogue is a series of discussions introducing several perspective on proteomics discovery, an emerging scientific enterprise in the -OMICS- family of disciplines that aim to clarify many of the challenges toward the understanding of disease and aiding in the diagnosis as well as guiding treatment decisions. Beyond that focus, it will contribute to personalized medical treatment in facilitating the identification of treatment targets for the pharmaceutical industry. Despite enormous advances in genomics research over the last two decades, there is a still a problem in reaching anticipated goals for introducing new targeted treatments that has seen repeated failures in stage III of clinical trials, and even when success has been achieved, it is temporal.  The other problem has been toxicity of agents widely used in chemotherapy.  Even though the genomic approach…

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About larryhbern

I currently have been engaged engaged with a medical informatics project called "Second Opinion" with Gil David and Prof. Ronald Coifman in the Program in Applied Mathematics at Yale. We plan a proof of concept study. I was the Chief, Clinical Pathology at NY Methodist Hospital, a 600+ bed hospital in Park Slope, Brooklyn, 2 hours from Bridgeport, CT, where I worked for 5 years, and was previously Chief of Clinical Chemistry and Chief of Blood Bank at Bridgeport Hospital for 22 years, and Acting Chairman of Yale University Department of Pathology at Bridgeport Hospital for one year prior to my experience at NY Methodist Hospital Weill-Cornell. I have done extensive work with nutrition (co-chaired the First International Transthyretin Congress in Strasbourg, chaired the 14th Ross Roundtable in Nutrition and the Beckman Roundtable on Prealbumin, and was recipient of the Labbe/Garry award of the Nutrition Division of AACC), troponins and with NT-proBNP and have current projects in normalizing the NT-proBNP for age and estimated glomerular filtration rate, with good success. I have served on the Board of Directors of NAACLS and the American Library Association Commission on Accreditation, am listed in America’s Top Physicians, Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and Marquis’ Who’s Who in Medicine.
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